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4 Reasons to Hire our Advertising Agency

Proof of Performance.

1.  The Ad Buyer uses specific software and tools that your company may not typically invest in.  These tools allow The Ad Buyer to make better advertisement placement recommendations for you, based on third-party audience data and historical campaign analytics from businesses like yours, all over the country.  These software tools also allow us to take the subjectivity out of media placement, proving efficiency of your investment through simple mathematics.

Better Results.

2. Consistency… It is the single most effective adjustment business owners can make to improve their advertising efficiency.  Unlike most media reps, The Ad Buyer has the keen ability to see your company’s big picture.  We develop a marketing strategy, produce creative, and coordinate placement on your behalf to make sure all advertising investments are working together, instead of against each other, to drive results for your business.

Save You Money.

3.  Most business owners believe they can’t afford an ad agency.  The truth is, most businesses can’t afford a full-time marketing person or department either.  We know that good marketing is an essential element of business growth, and without it, your customers will never know who you are or why they should buy from you. The Ad Buyer operates with an understanding that every dollar counts.  Instead of “spraying and praying” to test different advertising methods, hire The Ad Buyer to leverage our tools, experience and creative to get better results while saving you money.

Save You Time.

4.  Time is your most valuable commodity.  The Ad Buyer will save you time which will have a positive ripple effect on reducing stress and providing more freedom. You no longer have to spend time with advertising sales reps at inconvenient times, or keep up with constant and rapid changes in marketing technology, reconciling invoices, worrying about creative execution and all of those tasks that eat up so much of your time. Hire The Ad Buyer and hold us accountable for accomplishing your marketing goals.  We’ll be your single point of contact, accessible 24/7.

What Our Client's Say

We can tell you all day long how smart, funny, efficient, wickedly creative and cost effective we are at The Ad Buyer … but for good measure, we’ve asked a few of our clients to tell you what they think about us. Here, in their own words are three of them. We have many more and can provide references and contact information for you to ask them yourselves. These people have not been compensated in any way for their kind words, unless you count the fact that The Ad Buyer has brought them more people, more times for less money.

“I can tell you as a growing business, having my media buying and marketing plan in the hands of The Ad Buyer has taken a huge load off my plate. They are creative and thorough, understand my business and guide me to better decisions about my digital and traditional marketing and advertising. I would highly recommend The Ad Buyer to any business looking to be more efficient and cost effective”.

- Peter Foley

Flores and Foley Roofing and Sheetmetal Company

“Since hiring The Ad Buyer, our advertising has taken a fantastic turn for the better. They brought fresh ideas and better aligned our advertising to our core customers. Our social, TV, radio and outdoor advertising was given a great new look and feel and they negotiated and implemented everything. The bonus? … I have my days back to do what matters most , running my dealership!”.

- Thom Cross

MarineMax Boat Dealership

“The Ad Buyer redesigned our ads and the new patient lines have been melting! Repositioning the geography to target new patients based on where our affluent customers live, coupled with the new creative has my staff  busier than ever. Also, many thanks to the team at The Ad Buyer for keeping dozens of media reps at bay, meaning my staff can spend more time on the important task of running my practice.”.

- Dr. Daniel Spagnoli

Brunswick Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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